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Host Shelby McDaniel 

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
Licensed Mindful Eating Coach

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Host Shelby McDaniel 

Founder Diet Freedom‚ĄĘ Programs
Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
Licensed Mindful Eating Coach


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What You Will Learn Inside This Eye Opening Workshop:
Funnel Hacking Secret #1: Funnel Hacking
No. 1 Mindful Eating Hack
this one hack can put you in the position to change everything about how you eat So you can break those annoying mindless eating habits and feel at ease around food...
Funnel Hacking Secret #1: Funnel Hacking
Eating Cycle Traps
learn To Identify Which Eating Cycle You Are In At Any Given Time so you can Avoid Falling Into The Diet-Binge Trap (and all the guilt and shame that follows...)
Funnel Hacking Secret #1: Funnel Hacking
WHY You Eat That Crap!
Learn How the WHY behind your mindless eating is the key to changing when, what, how, and how much you eat so you can finally STOP Dieting to 'feel in control'...
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Hello my friend,

I'm so happy to see that you're being proactive to resolve your emotional eating and unwanted overeating patterns. 

I know how you feel...

Chips and ice cream used to be my besties in high emotional times. 

Like many of my clients, you know you're doing it, but you just can't STOP it.

You try:
  • Keeping trigger foods out of the house
  • Dieting to "feel in control"
  • Tracking your intake
  • Restricting certain foods you feel "addicted" to
  • Avoiding social situations involving food
But nothing seems to stop your patterns of emotional eating.

That's because....
Emotional eating is NOT a willpower problem. 
Probably don't believe me (yet), but it's true.

My clients didn't either. 

Like you, they felt they were "addicted" to food,

and had an embarrassing willpower problem... 

All of which are absolutely FALSE. 

Emotional eating is 100% resolvable.

I would know,

I have over 15 years of coaching and a proven track record of helping people resolve emotional eating and heal their relationship with food...

All you need are the right tools,

But before you can get the right tools and USE them,

You've got to understand more about WHY these problems are happening in the first place so you can actually get rid of them once and for all!

That's Why For A Limited Time Only

I'm Giving You The Opportunity To Learn the #1 Non-Negotiable First Step To Resolving ANY Unwanted Emotional, Binge, or Restrictive Eating In This Exclusive Workshop! 

Awareness is 50% of the solution. 

Without this, good luck. 

It is 1000% VITAL to understand WHY you eat because once you do you will:
  • Understand how you make conscious or unconscious decisions around eating and put yourself in the position to CHANGE those sneaky, automated, unwanted eating habits around when, what, how, and how much you eat
  • Be on your way to eating feeling NOURISHING rather than annoying or mechanical
  • Reduce the self-blame and restore TRUST in your yourself and your body and ultimately help you find YOUR way to an eating style and eating preference that sustainably works for YOU and YOUR body¬†
  • Experience long-term weight loss as a bi-product of the inner work
  • Meet your true needs so any eating happening due to unmet needs will naturally DISSOLVE.
  • Feel more confident and in CONTROL around food so you can meet your health goals and get back to doing the things you love!
....are you ready to get on the path to Diet Freedom? 

Don't Miss Out On The Very Workshop Responsible For Helping All My Clients Begin A New Path With Food...

Once again, this is literally the SAME workshop I provide to ALL of my clients that starts them on the path to diet freedom success!!
My clients pay me over $350 a week for 1 hour of my time to help them with their eating and relationship with food and to have access to exclusive trainings - including this EXACT same one! 

However, you can now join me for this EXCLUSIVE online workshop (plus BONUS cheat sheets & reflection exercise to help you get the most out of the workshop and APPLY what you'll soon be learning) for.....


This training is NOT available anywhere else outside of my members...
You literally have NOTHING to lose!

You'll save priceless energy from feeling guilt and shame around emotional eating because you have a better understanding of what's going on and already an action step you can take and build upon... 

...helping you reach your health goals FASTER than you would on your own. 

The choice is yours.

If you'd like to get started, click "YES!" button below and get access to this exclusive training, but more importantly... you can get on the right path to STOP this unhealthy, mindless eating and using food to cope that is doing absolutely nothing for you mentally, physically, or spiritually. 

It’s not so much the conditions of our life that control our destiny as much as it is the decisions of our life... 

...If you don’t like your current relationship with food, decide to change it...

...If you don’t like how you use food to cope, decide to change it...

...decide to take responsibility...

...decide to raise your standards.

That’s the amazing power each and every one of us has is the power of choice. 

It's all about taking steps.

No one program in its entirety is gonna save your life. 

But some things can move you closer to your goals. 

And when those rare opportunities present themselves, 

TAKE them. 

Do you believe my Why Do I Eat This Crap?! workshop will move you closer to your goals, or further away? 


Step into your power and invest into one more step forward towards the life and health you crave!

You're worth it! 


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