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What I love about Shelby is that she got to the root cause of my overeating and body image issues. So many other programs only deal with the symptoms of overeating via weight loss and exercise. Inevitably, I swing back into my old patterns. Why? Because I didn’t deal with the root cause. Shelby establishes routines and practices that address these root causes and conditions. So now, issues that I’ve struggled with for decades, are finally abating. Thank. You. Shelby.
When I pictured a lifetime of this restrictive dieting lifestyle, I wanted to give up. Then I found Shelby. I was skeptical that anything could help me, but Shelby gave me the permission that I’ve needed to give my body what it needs and to feel empowered to make healthy decisions. I feel free from the control that food had over my life, and I have a renewed energy for other things that I’d given up on now that I can focus on something other than my diet. I can’t say enough about how worth it this program is.
When I first started working with Shelby, I was cautiously optimistic. I didn't know if I could ever truly have a healthy relationship with food, but now I know that I ABSOLUTELY CAN! Working with Shelby was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. The program is free of harmful "diet" culture and full of tools to help you peel back the layers of your beliefs about food in order to heal and have a much healthier relationship with food. Now that negative thoughts regarding food have lessened significantly thanks to my work with Shelby, I have a lot more time to do the things that bring me joy. My quality of life has improved immensely.
Mary M
I had no idea that I'd come out the other end having learned how to love, listen, and truly care for my whole self. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, negative body image, and feeling helpless, Shelby's amazing guidance has truly helped me heal. Gone are the obsessive diets, the fear of failure, and the self-loathing that followed every slip up. Shelby has taught me how to finally take charge and live my best life every step of the way.
Amy H
As a former competitive bodybuilder and weight class sport athlete (wrestling/jiu jitsu), it felt like these things had just become part of me for good. I can say that I haven't felt this free around food or in how I view my body since I was a teenager. Most of my GI issues have just disappeared. I can experiment in the kitchen and try new restaurants as often as I'd like and be completely guilt free. In short, I'm free.
Jordan Q
After years of using "proven" and "expert" diet programs, aka WW, LA Weight Loss System, Noom, Diet Center, etc. etc., I have finally gotten to the root cause of my eating disorder (for lack of a better term). Her training modules are well written (and spoken) and the weekly coaching calls are so helpful...I am well on my way to a healthier and happier lifestyle--thanks to this program--and Shelby!!
I was skeptical, of course, and ultimately I realized I hit the jackpot with Shelby! Working with her literally changed my life: my relationship with food and movement and most importantly, my relationship with myself! Sure, I lost weight physically - I can't say how much exactly because I stopped being a slave to the number on the scale - but I lost the emotional weight of constantly judging my image in the mirror, my food choices - good, bad, clean, off-limits, success or failure - and now I am FREE of all that! I am healthy and strong and I could not love more my body and the headspace that I now enjoy! Life is now so much bigger and fuller. Thank you, Shelby! If you are on the fence about working with her, do it! You will NOT be sorry you did.
Kim W
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