The 4 Step System To
Achieve Freedom From Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, and Lifelong Dieting
...without counting, weighing, having to be perfect, and no matter how long you’ve struggled
I discovered more on this ONE call with you than I have with any therapist! 
- Emma F
Achieve Your Pathway to Peace 
I had been suffering with bulimia for 15 years and was generally unhappy with my life and lacked confidence. I was just living because I didn't want to die. Everyday I spent most of my time thinking about my weight, body and food that I was allowed to eat. I was trapped in a torture prison of calorie-counting and bingeing, then regretting.
After just 3 months of working with Shelby, I can safely say I'm a completely different person. I no longer obsess over "good" or "bad" food, I am more active and have more energy, I feel content with my body, and I actually enjoy my life. I never thought this was possible. 
I have struggled in my relationship with food and my body for as long as I can remember. Up until I worked with Shelby, I wasn't sure that it would ever be possible for things to change. The three months I worked with Shelby was absolutely transformative! I have gone from almost constant depression and anxiety to having a new lease on life. My relationship with food and myself has drastically improved, as has my daily quality of life.
Shelby and her program are the answer to those who, like me, have struggled with their relationship with food for a long, long time. The program is practical, actionable and sustainable. Shelby is expert, no-BS, courageous with her advice and it's all founded on research, science as well as personal experience. I saw results right away, and have maintained a path toward my goals from day one.
I have had 50 years of thinking about, and obsessing over food. I have had all of the negative talk that goes with dieting and not measuring up to the diet rules and restrictions. Along comes Shelby to the rescue! Together, we worked through all of the old baggage and today I can say I no longer have the negative thoughts about messing up or missing the mark. What a nice, indescribable feeling. Presently, I am free to live, workout and eat healthy. The weight is coming off and I feel the best I have felt in a long time.
I have broken free of my thinking that I need to be constantly on a diet. It has not been easy as I have been dieting for over 40 years. I will NEVER go back to counting anything but my blessings in this life. I love eating healthy and taking care of my body on my terms. The freedom I have obtained is priceless. I'm never giving that up again and I regret spending so many years trying the next best diet. Now I have the tools and confidence to make decisions and listen to my own body. She is a wonderful coach with a lot of experience and fabulous at what she does. I highly recommend her!
Shelby McDaniel is a superhero. I have a history with yo-yo dieting and I didn’t know where to turn for help. Her intuitive and compassionate approach to coaching allowed me to break the all-or-noting mentality and free myself from the unhealthy mindset that many high achievers struggle with. I am more confident in who I am because of this program and cannot recommend it enough for anyone seeking diet freedom.
My deep-rooted issue with food was something I thought I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. I’d read that people with eating disorders were never “healed” but rather managed their disorder. I’m beyond happy to say that after my time with Shelby I’ve learned how to change the way I view food and completely transform the toxic relationship I had with it; something I wanted to do for over 20 years but never actually thought possible.
What Is It Costing You
By NOT Taking Action?
Yes, you CAN do this! No matter your age, how many strategies you have tried, or how hopeless you feel. Our accomplished Diet Freedom™ coaches will lead you all the way to the finish line using our proven 5 Step System.  Our heartfelt guarantee to you is that in 12 weeks or less, we can reduce your binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, and/or food obsession symptoms by at least 80%! If we don’t (which never happens) we work with you free of charge until we do!* 
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