Diet Freedom™

Transform Your Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, and Lifelong Dieting and Make Eating Simple Again 
(Without Tracking, Dieting, Weight Watching, or Obsessing About Food!)
  •  Eating Psychology
  • ​Mind-Body Science
  • Clinical Nutrition 
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  • Anti-Dieting
  • Eating Psychology 
  • ​Mind-Body Science
  • ​Clinical Nutrition 
  • ​Behavior Change
  • ​Anti-Dieting
Diet Freedom™ is an online coaching subscription that gives you access to training programs, coaches, community, and resources to support you in eliminating your most unwanted eating behaviors and developing a normal, healthy relationship with food.
Stop Dieting.
Clearly, traditional approaches to food and body problems DON'T WORK and our entire approach to food is seriously flawed in our efforts to lose weight and feel healthy and happy.  Diet Freedom™ is paving the way to bring real solutions to the millions in need, unlike oxymoronic, short-term diet and exercise approaches.  
Lose Your Emotional Weight Around food
Interrupt Unwanted Eating Patterns
Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food
Manage Your Weight WITHOUT Dieting
You don't need an eating disorder diagnosis to feel the distress around food:
  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your eating habits?
  • ​Do you KNOW about food but continue to gain and lose the same weight over and over?
  • ​Do think about food what feels like all the time? 
  • ​Are you excessively concerned about your body size, and the impact of the food you eat on your weight?
  • Feel like you're all-or-nothing with healthy eating?
  • Do you continuously self regulate your emotions using food? 
  • ​Do you struggle with a negative, over-criticizing bullying mind?
  • ​Do you feel like you can't have "just one" of your favorite foods without losing control? 
  • ​Do you feel healthy eating is more of a job than something that feels nurturing and natural? 
  • ​Have you tried every diet, therapy, nutritionists, and/or diet coaches, yet still struggle with food? 
If you said YES to ANY of the above, this membership is for you! 

Ready to live a life fueled by FREEDOM instead of diets, weight, and food obsessions?
This membership IS your GAME CHANGER
Diet Freedom™  offers an anti-dieting, realistic solution to help you finally feel in control around food, restore the role of food back to fuel, and stop the endless yo-yo dieting and weight cycling.

Here's how it works...
It's pretty simple. Diet Freedom™ is a low cost coaching subscription program. Sign up and get immediate access to training programs, professional Certified Mind Body coaches, private community, and other member benefits! You can go through the trainings at your own pace and engage in any of our levels of support as needed! 
You’ve got nothing to lose....except mental and emotional weight around food!
 I no longer worry about food or calories and love how much freedom I have now! It really is life changing what you taught me!

Rachel B
 I feel free from the control that food had over my life, and I have a renewed energy for other things that I'd given up on now that I can focus on something other than my diet. 

Rebecca W 
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...

8 Step Diet Freedom™ Training Program

Get positive and scientifically grounded, step-by-step training to transform your relationship with food. Packed with insights, realistic strategies & practices, and HOW-TO action plans, you CANNOT FAIL as this is not a pass/fail, all-or-nothing program! 

Access to Certified Mind Body Coaches (MBC)

A MBC looks beyond surface level food and weight problems and dives deep into how life, emotions, and personal world influence why and how you do food. By focusing ​on​ ​the​ ​fascinating connections​ ​between​ ​brain,​ ​body,​ ​and​ ​behavior, a MCB can help you to get to the ROOT issues behind unwanted eating patterns. No bots or apps can beat that!

Live Group Q&A

Get access to Shelby McDaniel and other Certified Mind Body Coaches with live group Q&A sessions minimum twice a month for extra learning and support.

Private Support Community

When you need it most, you can lean on the support of fellow students and Certified Mind Body Coaches in our private, NON-FACEBOOK, client-only support group. Support and communication is extremely important to your success!

Discounted Personal Coaching Services

Need a 60-minute session or two with a Certified Mind Body Coach to help you get unstuck? Only Diet Freedom subscribers can access discounted a la carte personal coaching sessions for extra support. Subscribers also receive discounts on any of our Diet Freedom™ 8-12 Week Personal Coaching Programs! 

Done-For-You Shortcuts

To help you save time, money, and make your transformation as easy as possible, for each area of your training we've put together slide decks, audibles, transcripts, supportive handouts, and more to SAVE YOU TIME and reach your goals faster! 

Member-Only Access

Access to special interviews with inspiring humans, Q&A recordings, and a member-only mobile app for easy on-the-go learning!

Future Trainings

We are building out an amazing library of world class training programs to help you go even deeper with negative body image, digestion, and other emotional and physical health topics. As an active member, you get access to EVERYTHING as they become available!  
Total value $2,997... for only $49/mo!
Total value $2,997... 
for only $49/mo!

I have raised my standards. All the information sunk in to the right places and the weight is coming off! Surprising as I do not feel I am even dieting, which I am not! 
Lynne C
I am now recovered. Period. 
Jayshree N
I am now recovered. Period. 

Jayshree N
Diet Freedom™ Can Help You...
  • Boost your metabolic power to achieve and sustain your natural weight effortlessly, and feel empowered in the process!
  • ​Transform your food desires from shameful to peaceful so you can eat what you want and feel great about it
  • ​Stop avoiding people, situations, or foods and freely live your life in balance and be fully present with the people you love 
  • Remove toxic thinking about food all the time and restore eating to be simple and joyful again
  • ​Step off the diet-binge-in-control-out-of control roller coaster, for good!
  • ​Have mental space and energy to pursue your wants and dreams that have been on pause
  • ​Shift your negative, over-critical, bullying mind to be your greatest ally about food and self
  • ​Wake up each day knowing with 100% confidence that food won't be a struggle
  • ​Remove the "all-out-or-nothing" mentality surrounding your daily eating 
  • ​​​Restore trust in yourself and your body to know when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat
  • ​Naturally eat healthy foods because you WANT to, not because you "should" or "have" to
  • ​Confidently eat "bad foods" without losing control
  • ​Stop being afraid of food or gaining weight if you're not "perfect" with your eating
  • ​Regain your confidence and authentic self. No more secrets, guilt, or shame.
you deserve this.
and you can do it!

Transform your mindset, body, relationship with food, metabolism, and most importantly - your life! 

What happens after 7 days?
If you are enjoying your subscription and you do not cancel prior to the end of your 7 day trial, your subscription will automatically continue and your fees will adjust to $49 per month. You can enjoy your subscription for as long as you wish and can cancel at anytime!
Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee you'll find Diet Freedom™ refreshing, effective, and NOT another diet program! 
What’s next?
You can check out the facts and common questions below and if you decide Diet Freedom™ is for you, simply click to start your 7 day trial! 
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Diet Freedom IS:
  • An empowering, positive solution, experience, and answer to why all other programs have failed you when it comes to healing your relationship with food and stepping into the highest expression of who you were meant to be in this world!
  • Over 14 years of professional coaching, education, and experience brought to you in an online, subscription coaching format. 
  • 80% of the power behind finding peace with food, long-term weight loss, and body love.
  • ​A safe, loving space for learning, practicing, exploring, nurturing, and growing.
  • ​A low-fee opportunity to work with expert Shelby McDaniel and incredible Certified Mind Body Coaches.
  • ​Created SPECIFICALLY to get more help into the hands of those who need it most in the midst of this rising epidemic of disordered eating. 
Diet Freedom is NOT:
  • A "quick fix" or "magic pill". Anyone who sells you something "easy" is lying and you should run very far away from them so you don't get burned, again. 
  • A stressful, oxymoronic weight loss program where you find short term results but then fall off the band wagon later. We focus on real solutions to your destructive eating habits that are causing weight gain and body disconnect in the first place!  
  • ​For people who want to continue using same broken tactics and getting same band-aid results instead of being open and trusting of a process that is full of soul lessons and thought-provoking insight, guidance, strategies and practices to help you make peace with whatever hardships you are facing with food and body. 
  • ​A list of "hacks" or "quick tips". If that worked, then any nutrition article on the internet would've solved all your problems by now.
  • ​A meal plan, tracking plan, points plan, or diet because you REALLY need another one of those, right?
 Will this help me lose weight?
Many factors can impact your weight, however removing your most unwanted eating behaviors and body stressors will put you in the BEST position to lose it naturally - and for good! 
 Is there a diet or meal plan I have to follow?
No, this is NOT a diet. We DO talk about nutrition and how to find a flexible, nourishing rhythm and structure with your eating but without all the drama, time, and negativity!

 What kind of results should I expect?
True, honest, sustainable results, that's what! Everyone comes into Diet Freedom™ with different challenges, from binge eating, overeating, food obsessions, and more. So "success" is defined differently per person. One's "success" could be reducing their binge eating by 80-100% and losing a few pounds while another finds success in learning how to quiet their mean, negative, self-critical mind about themselves and their body. 
 Do you take insurance? 
Diet Freedom is considered a wellness program and accepts HSA/FSA cards if applicable.
 I'm worried I'll lose control without a diet...
This is because it's all you know. Diet Freedom™ will help you relearn how to trust yourself, your body, and break your dependency on diets, tracking, or any other "rules" that are keeping you stuck.
 What if I find I need more personal support?
Sometimes we just need a little more support, and you know what? That's perfectly OK! As a member you can schedule a 60-minute session with a Certified Mind Body Coach at a discounted price at any time or inquire about our Diet Freedom Personal Coaching programs for the highest level of coaching and support. 

Meet Shelby McDaniel

Hi! I'm Shelby McDaniel, owner and director of Diet Freedom™.  I have been a wellness authority and mentor for over 16 years and have helped thousands of clients lose weight, develop skill sets to better manage their daily nutrition and empower individuals to make lasting changes in both their emotional and physical health.  

Weight stigma and struggles around food and weight are at an epidemic level. There is more noise that needs to be made about this and more REAL solutions made available. After much success with my Diet Freedom™ private coaching, I felt a powerful yearning to bring my expertise and coaching to more of those in need. I feel responsible to take the baton and help change the conversation, thus inspiring me to create and launch our Diet Freedom™ subscription program. 

I am grateful our paths have crossed and would be honored to help you transform how you see and do food!

Your #1 Fan, 
  • Institute for the Psychology of Eating Graduate
  • ​BS Nutrition Science
  • ​Licensed Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Facilitator
  • ​ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist 
  • ​Former IFBB Figure Pro
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