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To Start Living Your Life Without Stressing About Food, Feel Good About YOU, And Lose Weight

WITHOUT Tracking, Counting, Weighing, Restricting, Or Obsessing Over One More Freaking Calorie?

When You Get Started Today You'll Get A Physical Copy Of My Exclusive Book, 'Diet Freedom Writers' - For FREE! (Just For Saying 'Maybe'!)

  • Eating Psychology 
  • ​Mind-Body Science
  • ​Clinical Nutrition 
  • ​Behavior Change
  • ​Anti-Dieting
Everything You Need To Stop Feeling Out Of Control With Food, Feel At Peace With Food And Your Body, And Lose Weight Naturally- Without Restrictive Dieting!
  • Shelby's proven, breakthrough, straight-shooter,  step-by-step training that will change everything about how you see and do food.
  • Monthly Tactical Workshops with Shelby and Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches to take your nutrition, mindset, and self-care to another level!
  • Monthly Q&A's with Shelby for LIVE coaching to get you unstuck and learn from others!
  • On-Demand Access to ALL past tactical workshops and In-Sessions with Shelby
  • Private Support Community, a NON-Facebook community where Shelby, coaches, and students collaborate for Q&A and support! No more doing this alone. 
  • Private Members-Only Podcast for exclusive inspirational coaching!
Our Membership Helps Resolves:
  • Binge Eating
  • ​Emotional Eating
  • Overeating
  • Stress & Anxiety Around Food
  • ​Guilt & Shame Around Food
  • ​Low Self-Worth Based On Weight 
  •  Restrictive & Rigid Eating
  • ​Lifelong Yo-Yo Dieting
  • ​Lifelong Weight Cycling
  • Obsession With Food & Weight
  • ​Body Shame
  • ​Poor Social Life Due To Food Conflicts 
  • Occasional Purging
  • ​Negative Thinking About Food & Self
  • ​Hunger / Fullness Disconnect
  • Laxative, Diuretic, Enema Misuse
  • ​Secret Eating
  • ​Low Self Esteem
Gain the Confidence To...
Live without stressing about food
Have natural self-control
Transform Your Relationship with Food
Manage Your Weight WITHOUT Dieting
Naturally eat healthy because you WANT to not because you "should" 
Eat when you're hungry, stop when satisfied
Feel good in your own skin
Eat what you love without guilt or shame
Manage your noisy brain & anxiety
Protect your kids from the claws of diet culture
Eat carbs or sugar mindfully, without fear
Know you DESERVE to feel happy & healthy
Have just one of _____ without fear
Wake up daily knowing food is no longer an issue for you
Eat to "feel good" rather than "be good"
Stop comparing your body to others
Not turn to food for comfort
Trust your body about when, what, and how much to eat 
Successfully maneuver through any eating challenge
Eat to fuel your body vs live to eat
Unconditionally love and be kind to yourself
Not let the scale dictate your mood or eating
Make mindful, balanced decisions around food
Enjoy food again without fear of overeating
Ready For This Kind of Confidence?
“The next best thing to having Shelby as your personal coach!”
Here's How It Works...
It's pretty simple... 

I'm literally going to show you the way

This is your step-by-step process that will get you from point A (dieting bottom) to point B (diet FREEDOM) FASTER and EASIER than trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Consider it the ultimate short cut to diet FREEDOM.

It's a proven process. I use it with every single personal client of mine and have for years.

Just follow the steps I've already laid out for you as I have laid out for so many others who were once in your shoes. 

Listen, You Are Absolutely Not Alone.
I Know How FREAKING TOUGH This Whole 'Eating' Thing Can Be...
And that’s why it’s fate you’re here today...
Nutrition information is important but it isn't everything you need to win against your battle with food and weight.

Trust me, personally I've been in your shoes. 

And professionally I've had 15+ years of experience to confirm that nutrition information alone isn't the answer. 

I've already figured it out for you...I am literally giving you EXACTLY what you need to do to transform your relationship with food and lose weight- without dieting.

And When I Say 'Without' Dieting - I Mean It... 
No Weigh-in's, Sneaky Diet-y Color Coded Foods, Tracking, Before & After Photos...Nada.
There's NO reason to continue to waste YEARS of your life trying to figure it out on your own...

As a member I'm giving you access to:
  • My proven Diet Freedom™ Success Path training
  • ​Monthly Workshops 
  • ​Live Q&A With Me
  • ​Private Support Community
  • ​Members-Only Podcast
  • ​A Team of Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches
  • ​Did I mention a lot of me?  :-)
WHY am I giving everything to you for such a low monthly fee? 

Because I know what you need to reach your goals. 

For more than a decade I only worked with people privately at the highest level. 

As exciting as it was, that meant I could only work with so many people at one time,

and my coaching fees were not necessarily affordable for most people. 

That resulted in being unable to touch the lives of too many that needed my help too :-(

I realized I could take what I do in my private consulting and create a membership that would have just as big of an impact,

but instead of only helping a handful of people at a time, I'd be able to help change the lives of THOUSANDS!

PLUS! With our membership you get the EXTRA benefit of having access to MULTIPLE coaches besides myself for a fraction of the cost! Yeah! 

Look, this membership is NOT A DIET (Hallelujah!).

It's my personal coaching mixed with positive, effective training, and realistic, practical coaching techniques that combine results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, and mind body science to help you get to the root issues and revolutionize your relationship with food.

Everything is designed to inspire you with just the right amount of information and techniques to give you the momentum you need to finally feel at peace around food and your body and sustainably the lose weight without crazing dieting tactics and mentality.

Maybe you're thinking:
"But Shelby I just want to lose weight".
That's ok! Let's do that! But we've got some inner work to do FIRST that will allow natural weight loss to be the bi-product of the inner work. Make sense? 

Otherwise you'll simply be repeating what you KNOW doesn't work - dieting!

Don't worry...

As a member, there is:

NO perfection. NO all-or-nothing. NO Failing Possible. 

Just real solutions and coaching from myself and my team who actually care and are here to do the right thing when it comes to helping people get to the ROOT issues of their most unwanted food and weight challenges.
You Get When You Join Our Inner Circle...

6 Step Diet Freedom™ Blueprint Course

Shelby's step-by-step training to overhaul your relationship with food. Packed with insights, realistic strategies & practices, and HOW-TO action plans that she personally uses in her thriving group and private coaching programs.

Emotional Eating Secrets Mini Course

A quickie audible course that serves as underground playbook to crush your emotional eating like a BOSS!

LIVE Monthly Workshops

Come hang out with our Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches with our live monthly workshops to help improve your nutrition, health, mindset, and more! New topics every month!

Healthy Nutrition Recipes

Get back to having FUN with food with hundreds of our easy, tested and approved, no-nonsense healthy recipes!

Private Support Community

Our Mind Body Eating Coaches and students provide you extra coaching and support inside our internal NON-FACEBOOK community when you need it! 

On-Demand Workshops 

Access to all of our past LIVE workshops so no matter when you join you can have access to everything!

Cheat Sheets, Slide Decks, & Handouts

We've put together slide decks, audibles, transcripts, most popular supportive handouts, and more to SAVE you time, money, and reach your goals faster! 

Convenient Online-Mobile App

Access ALL of your trainings, resources, and community with our very own mobile app for easy on-the-go learning!

Future Trainings

We are building out an amazing library of world class training programs to help you go even deeper with negative body image, digestion, and other emotional and physical health topics. As an active member, you get access to EVERYTHING as they become available!  
Breakthrough Training Courses:


Diet Freedom™ Success Path Training
Diet Freedom™ 
Success Path
A compassionate, structured, step-by-step approach responsible for all of Shelby's clients' success!
  • Curriculum is divided into progressive stages to speed up success while preventing overwhelm
  • Take as little or as much time as you wish on each module
  • Transformational practices, based on the science and psychology of eating and nutrition
Shelby's proven curriculum will simplify your path to food and diet freedom. Take a new journey using science-based, holistic, and self-compassionate tools and practices. You’ll learn to drop the old tactics based on willpower, blame, and confusion, gain a whole new perspective about eating, and take control of your mind and relationship with food!
  • New video lessons released every week
  • ​Handouts & reflection prompts to deepen self discovery and reinforce learning.
  •  Suggested action steps after every video training to help you shift from information to implementation

Retail Price $1500 

Included with Membership!

This 7 stage course takes you on a new journey using science-based, holistic, and self-compassionate tools and practices. You’ll learn to drop the old tactics based on willpower, blame, and confusion. You’ll gain a whole new perspective, and take control of your relationship with food!
  • Instant access to life-changing curriculum
  • Take as little or as much time as you wish on each module
  • Transformational practices, based on the science and psychology of eating and nutrition
  • New video lessons released every week
  • ​Handouts & reflection prompts to deepen self discovery and reinforce learning.
  •  Suggested action steps after every video training to help you shift from information to implementation

Included with Membership

Retail Price $1500 

 What You'll Be Learning...

Stage 01: Rising From Diet Bottom

Stage 02: Anti-Dieting Foundations

Stage 03: Re-Establish Trust

 Stage 04: Emotional Eating

 Stage 05: You Are NOT Your Brain!

 Stage 06: Nutrition & Weight Loss

 Priming For Forever Success

Monthly Workshops 
Get extra coaching from Shelby and experienced Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches with monthly workshops! Every month a new workshop conducted for all members that will supplement beautifully with all the mind, body, nutrition breakthroughs you are having! New topics every month!

A Self Relationship Class with Marina Francis

Retail Value $300

Included with Membership

Macronutrient Shifts to Skyrocket Your Energy

Retail Value $300

Included with Membership

Reading Labels (without the stress!) with Alina Sarkisyan

Retail Value $300

Included with Membership

Live Q&A's With Shelby
Extra coaching and support with anything you're struggling with or would like collaboration on Shelby's monthly LIVE member Q&A!

Live Q&A's With Shelby

Open monthly Q&A with members to help them get unstuck. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity for you to listen and learn from others and get extra coaching and support! 

Retail Price $350

Included with Membership

On-Demand Workshop Collection
Access to all of our past LIVE workshops and LIVE In-Sessions so no matter when you join you can have access to everything!


Meditation Session with Bev Paul

On-Demand Collection Value $300

Included with Membership

Emotional Freedom Technique with Marina Francis

On-Demand Collection Value $300

Included with Membership

Mindful Relationships with Shelby McDaniel

On-Demand Collection Value $300

Included with Membership

Private Support Community
Where Shelby, Mind Body Eating Coaches, and students collaborate to provide extra coaching and support inside our internal NON-FACEBOOK community when you need it! 

Example Posts:

Total Private Community Value $500

Included with Membership

Total Private Community Value $500

Included with Membership

Total Private Community Value $500

Included with Membership

Members-Only Podcast

We want to make your access to my life changing content as convenient as possible for you. 

Our members-only podcast gives you the ability to go through your Diet Freedom™ Success Path training easily on-the-go! 

Plus, get access to exclusive coach trainings, interviews, and more

This is NOT a public podcast. You must be a member to access!

Total Value $99

Included with Membership

Convenient Mobile App 

One more way to get the information you need to have the breakthroughs you deserve as convenient as possible!

Our mobile app allows you to access ALL of your trainings, resources, and community straight from your favorite smart devices!

Total Value $99

Included with Membership

Total Value $4200... 
Access Everything For Only $29/mo!
 Get Started Today For Just

You Don't Need An Eating Disorder
To Feel Stress Around Food:
  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your eating habits?
  • ​Do you KNOW about nutrition but continue to gain and lose the same weight over and over?
  • ​Do think about food what feels like all the time? 
  • ​Are you excessively concerned about your body size, and the impact of the food you eat on your weight?
  • Feel like you're all-or-nothing with healthy eating?
  • Do you continuously self regulate your emotions using food? 
  • ​Do you struggle with a negative, over-criticizing bullying mind?
  • ​Do you feel like you can't have "just one" of your favorite foods without losing control? 
  • ​Do you feel healthy eating is more of a job than something that feels nurturing and natural? 
  • ​Have you tried every diet, therapy, nutritionists, or diet coaches yet still struggle with food? 
Our Membership Can Help You...
  • ​Learn more about why you do what you do around food
  • ​Obtain the tools you need for long-term success and peace with food
  • ​Boost your metabolic power to achieve and sustain your natural weight effortlessly by reducing your stress around food
  • ​Turn down the guilt and shame around food so you can eat what you want and feel great about it
  • Reduce toxic thinking about food and self so you can trust yourself and body again
  • ​Step off the diet-binge-in-control-out-of control roller coaster
  • ​Free up mental space and energy to focus on more important things other than food and weight
  • ​Address the "all-out-or-nothing" mentality surrounding your daily eating 
  •  Learn why, when, how, and how much to eat for YOUR wants and needs
  • ​Boost your confidence, self worth, and improve body respect. 
it doesn't have to be this way. 
You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great and feel at peace with food.

Our Membership Is:

  • The perfect starting point to help you find a normal relationship with food and step into the highest expression of who you were meant to be in this world!
  • ​An all inclusive hub for food and body support, trainings, and resources to help you ditch the diet mentality and get on the path to true diet freedom.
  • Over 17 years of professional coaching, education, and experience brought to you in an online, subscription coaching format. 
  • ​A safe, loving space for learning, practicing, exploring, nurturing, and growing.
  • ​A low-fee opportunity to work with expert Shelby McDaniel and incredible Certified Mind Body Coaches.
  • ​Created SPECIFICALLY to get more help into the hands of those who need it most in the midst of this rising epidemic of disordered eating. 

Our Membership Is NOT:

  • A "quick fix" or "magic pill". Anyone who sells you something "easy" is lying and you should run very far away from them so you don't get burned, again. 
  • A stressful, oxymoronic weight loss program where you find short term results but then fall off the band wagon later. We focus on real solutions to your destructive eating habits that are causing weight gain and body disconnect in the first place!  
  • ​For people who want to continue using same broken tactics and getting same band-aid results instead of being open and trusting of a process that is full of soul lessons and thought-provoking insight, guidance, strategies and practices to help you make peace with whatever hardships you are facing with food and body. 
  • ​A list of "hacks" or "quick tips". If that worked, then any nutrition article on the internet would've solved all your problems by now.
  • ​A meal plan, tracking plan, points plan, or diet because you REALLY need another one of those, right?
it doesn't have to be this way. 
You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great and feel at peace with food.
 Will this help me lose weight?
Many factors can impact your weight, however removing your most unwanted eating behaviors and body stressors will put you in the BEST position to lose it naturally - and for good! 
 Is there a diet or meal plan I have to follow?
No, this is NOT a diet. We do provide gentle nutrition training and help you restore your own hunger cues again so you never have to rely on diets again.
 What kind of results should I expect?
Everyone comes into our membership with different challenges, from binge eating, overeating, food obsessions, and more. So "success" is defined differently per person. One's "success" could be reducing their binge eating by 80-100% and losing a few pounds while another finds success in learning how to quiet their mean, negative, self-critical mind about themselves and their body. 

We agree! But there's a more positive way to incorporate structure into your eating. We'll teach you!

 What happens after the 7 days?
If you are enjoying your subscription and you do not cancel prior to the end of your 7 day trial, your subscription will automatically continue and your fees will adjust to $29 per month. You can enjoy your subscription for as long as you wish and can cancel at anytime!
 Do you take insurance? 
Our membership is considered a wellness program and accepts HSA/FSA cards if applicable.
 I'm worried I'll lose control without a diet...
This is because it's all you know. Our membership will help you relearn how to trust yourself, your body, and break your dependency on diets, tracking, or any other "rules" that are keeping you stuck.
 How much time is required?
A few minutes a day! Outside of the Success Path training and other optional resources you can tap into, it's all about simply practicing to master what you're learning! I have kept all trainings and resources to a minimum so you don't get overwhelmed and ONLY focus on what you need to!

 What if I find I need more support?
Sometimes you just need a little more support, and you know what? That's perfectly OK! We offer personal coaching for higher levels of support.

"Do You Have A Guarantee?"

You Bet! As A Matter Of Fact I Have 
THREE Guarantees For You

Guarantee #1 - Satisfaction Guarantee 

I know you'll find our Diet Freedom™ membership refreshing, effective, and NOT another short-term diet program. If within the first 30 days you don't, just email me and tell me why, and I'll refund your money.
Guarantee #2 - Diet Freedom Support Guarantee 

We guarantee support. We know the diet freedom journey can get emotional, with bumps and unforeseen turns...

That's why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to use the any strategies we give you, you can use our private support community and one of our coaches will respond within 24 hours. We also provide an In-Session open Q&A with me once per month as an additional means of support. 

You don't have to feel alone anymore, second-guessing yourself. We truly care about your success, and that's why we'll be there every step of the way.
Guarantee #3 - My Ridiculous and Downright "Shelby McDaniel Crazy" 365-Day Guarantee 

I'm not BS'ing around here... ;) 

Use us for a full 12 months. And if you STILL don't experience transformative results in your eating with the strategies taught by Shelby... and you've given my team and I the chance to personally help you... then I will still refund your initial investment.

How can I have such powerful guarantees?

Because I know what I teach works. 

My advice has worked for countless in more than 13 countries around world!

Imagine if you used just ONE piece of advice from me... and you begin to see positive results in your eating almost instantly.

How much would you pay for that ONE piece of advice?

$10,000...? $20,000...?

I've spent well over $100,000 on my own education so you don't have to.

And today, all you have to say is "maybe", your next 7 days of the membership are FREE, but most importantly - you're officially on the path to getting unstuck!

Here's What To Do Next

From here it's just finalizing the details and officially joining us! 

Click on the button below right now, get enrolled in your membership trial, and we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I can't wait to welcome you to our community!

Talk soon,
Shelby McDaniel 
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